The Go Team takes a look at our outward service, beyond the church building and into our community on behalf of Jesus Christ.  As a body of believers committed to serve God through Jesus Christ we will work to seek ways to address the hopes and hurts of the least, the last, and the lost of our community. The least are those who lie in poverty. The last are those who suffer injustice. The lost are those who have not heard the good news of Christ in a compelling fashion. Our desire is to see every member in mission.

The mission of New McKendree United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. And so, the New McKendree Go Team is focused on coordinating and providing mission opportunities in our community, nation and world. We'll be updating this page periodically with opportunities to serve others and to make a difference.

Our Objectives

  • To position New McKendree as a beacon of grace - when someone in our local area hears “New McKendree," the hope is for them to recognize New McKendree as an organization making a true difference to our community and beyond.
  • To develop defining ministries for our church by offering opportunities for all ages and genders.
  • For every member to participate in mission work each year.
    • The goal for the church in 2014 is 400 servants in mission (50 of those non-members).
    • Our definition of a member in mission one who does mission-related work outside the church or fundraising for work to benefit those outside the church. Each member can only be counted once each year.
  • To invite and include non-members in New McKendree mission in order to make disciples and to bring new members to New McKendree.
  • To develop a funding mechanism for mission work.

Opportunities to "Go" and Serve!
The Go Team works to help create the structure that will help us meet our goals.

  • In Our Community - We have adopted the Hope Children’s Home in Jackson as our primary mission in our community. This is a transitional home where children can be brought when they are taken into protective custody. The children receive nurturing care, meals, clothing, a warm bed and a full medical, dental and psychological screening while arrangements for an appropriate foster home can be made. For more information on the home you can visit their website www.hopechildrenshomejackson.comThere are opportunities to volunteer for help with various programs for the children, provide meals, and assist with repairs that are needed for the house. If you're interested in helping with the Hope Children's Home, contact Amy Thompson (abt8870@hotmail.com).
  • Our Nation – We are in the process of establishing New McKendree as an early responder team for disaster relief. This will create opportunities for people to help those that have lost their homes and other belongings to a disaster. There will be upcoming training opportunities as well as rebuilding projects that we will be involved in. If you're interested in helping with disaster relief, please Chad Hartle via email at rent2u@sbcglobal.net.
  • Our World – We have adopted Haiti as the focal point of our international mission work. There will be ongoing opportunities to help the people of Haiti such as: (1) Adopting children from Haiti through Compassion International, (2) Feeding the people of Haiti by helping to pack food with an organization called Feed My Starving Children, and (3) Going to Haiti on a Mission Trip.  To find out more on how to get involved with our Haiti missions, contact Todd Rushing via email at toddru@rushingmarine.com.

Go Team Shirts are now for sale. Each t-shirt includes the New McKendree Logo on the front over the left 'pocket area' and the the Go Team logo on the  back of the shirt. Shirts are made of the higher quality breathable material - good for casual wear and for helping other people (mission work)! The team is selling the shirts for $15 each. They are available at the church office, or contact Julie Rushing at 573-450-9053 to order one. 

Early Response Team Photos - Trip to Oklahoma, June 2015


Video of Flood Bucket Brigade - August 2014

Video of Haiti Mission Trip 2014

Recent Hope House Attic Shelving Project


Emergency Response Training Team Day