Feed My Starving Children

2017 Moble Packing Event is just around the coner!

New McKendree is, once again, bringing a Moble Packing Event to Jackson!

Last year, New McKendree brought the FMSC Mobile Packing Event to the Jackson Civic Center for the very first time, and WOW, was it a success!  Thanks to the 851 volunteers and several partners, we were able to pack           171, 288 meals. That's 21, 288 more meals than what we had projected, and as a community, we fed 469 kids for a whole year.  $37, 683.36 was raised in order to cover the cost of the meals, plus an extra $5,212.12 for the down payment to FMSC for our 2017 event.

For 2017, New McKendree has set a goal to pack double the amount in 2016, which is 350,000 meals.  There will be 5 packing sessions this year; one on Friday, April 7th, and four on Saturday, April 8th.

$77,000.00 will need to be raised for us to be able to do the packing event.

We will need 1,750 volunteers and several partner churches in order to pull this off.

New McKendree will also be selling t-shirts to support the event.  Please give generously to help the least, the last and the lost in our world.  This effort will help New McKendree continue its mission to support our friends in Haiti.

Want to be a partner?  See instructions below!

How to become a Partner

  • The cost per volunteer slot is $40.00 (i.e. if you give $1,000, you get 25 volunteer slots) - This year we are going to try and group the volunteers from each partner into one session.
  • Let Todd Rushing know if you would like to be involved; you can contact him at toddru@rushingmarine.com.
  • Let us know how much you are committing and that you can commit the money by Dec 23rd.
  • Based on our current production goals, we will need to make a payment to FMSC of $20,454 on or before Jan 7th 2017. We are required to pay 66% of the total cost prior to the event.
  • We will need a contact person - This person (with help) will be responsible for filling your volunteer slots - can serve on planning committees if desired
  • We will sell t-shirts with logos from each partner on the back - we will need logos and the number of shirts you want to purchase to sell. You can use the proceeds from these shirts to help with your fundraising efforts.